Medical Herbalist,  Herbal Apothecary, Holistic Health Practitioner



Pain   –   Memory & Cognition   –  Ageing & Wellness   –  Digestive concerns

Communication and knowledge have always been important to me, so as a Clinical Herbalist I like to get to really understand what my client is saying and likewise ensure that they understand what is really going on for them.

Herbal Medicine is not a ‘symptomatic’ practice. The whole person must be considered, what is the ‘root’ of the concern, where does this condition ‘stem’ from, where is it leading to, is it ‘branching’ out into other areas of the client’s life. Just as we nurture a plant, we must learn to nurture ourselves. Our health really is in our own hands.

Herbal medicine is not a static craft, using a synergy of constituents in a blend created for the individual Herbal Apotheke: bespoke herbal medicine is true individual client- based care, you are not a ‘symptom’ but the complex whole of yourself, that’s why it’s ‘holistic’ – the total sum of your wellbeing is considered.

Encouraging the body to return to harmony, using medicinal plants, alongside food, lifestyle tweaks and functional pathology testing, is what my practice offers every client.